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Lesley Keen has founded and run a range of creative businesses, all of which had animation at the core, although in very different industries.

Winduna Enteprises Ltd.2015– date   Winduna Enterprises Ltd.
animation production

Winduna Enterprises is an animation and media development house established to create and license content based on the worldwide best-selling Winnie the Witch books by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul.


2010 – 2014   Ultra Pictura nv
Ultra Pictura animation production

Ultra Pictura provides bespoke software solutions for the broadcast and interactive media sector, using its proprietary animation platform.

2002 – 2008  mixipix
mobile content and services provision

mixipixmixipix developed a mobile platform that allowed users to create personalised animated greetings. The technology was able to produce content that was compatible with the diverse range of handsets and differing screensizes that prevailed in the pre-smart phone era, rendering and delivering customised content on the fly.

1992 – 1999 Inner Workings
interactive entertainment software Inner Workings plc

Inner Workings developed a range of interactive titles for the consumer market, from kid's interactive picture books to arcade-style video games. The company grew out of a belief that fully integrating creative talent and processes with software coding could produce ground breaking interactive products. Inner Workings became the first company to float and raise capital on the AIM market in 1995 and at its peak had a team of 65 people.

1982-1999 Persistent Vision Animation
animation production

persistent vision animationPVA was the home of Lesley's author films, funded variously by Channel 4,The Scottish Arts Council and the Scottish Film Production Fund. Lesley worked with a small group of local Scottish animation talent to create commissions including Taking a Line For a Walk and the feature-length Ra; the Path of the Sun God.