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10k project
This is not a 'film' project – there is no story, nor even any formal structure beyond the rules used to produce a mesmerising flow of otherwordly images. Creatures may appear to ebb and flow, but these are an illusion created by the human propensity to interpret certain shapes as faces.

Playpiece 2 - Dreamtime - Dance of the Shaman
The process of creating the music for Dreamtime started with Tom Rennie being given a longer visual track from the Deeptime structure, running slowly at his request. As the composition emerged however, the slow-moving, hypnotic dynamic started to increase in tempo, departing from the pace of the visuals and invoking the need to turn the collaboration around to match this new departure. A new stream of rapidly moving images from other parts of the Deeptime structure were chosen to take the place of the original slow track. This material was sped up to double the speed of the Deeptime visuals and in places overlaid in multiple picture tracks to echo the musical composition which combined both slow paced and rapidly changing musical elements.


Serendipity is the first of the 10k playpieces, made in collaboration with composer Alexey Sibikin. The grammar of creating and sequencing the playpieces evolved during the making of Serendipity. The name reflects the surprising new elements that emerged when the original artwork was sequenced.


Deeptime is the second of the playpieces, which comprises 10,000 unique images. The construction of this work allows for multiple variants to be created, using the artwork to produce versions at varying speeds as well as ultimately a navigable interactive structure.


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