total immersion

the twins


1990, 7 minutes
35mm, music by Tom Rennie

In the spring of 1988, a group of Glasgow film makers gathered in a room to try and put together a joint film project for Glasgow's forthcoming Year of Culture in 1990 celebrations. The idea was that everyone would contribute a five-minute piece on some aspect of the city. Burrellesque was the only piece that actually got made.

Burrellesque is a one shot film. The action follows the central road round Pollok Estate park where the Burrell collection is housed in its own museum. The action appears to unfold over a single day but in the background the seasons are also subtly changing, which meant taking all the photographs over the period of a year.

The film's premise is simple: the spirits of the works in the collection escape by day to play in the park and are gathered up each evening to return to the objects which they are supposed to inhabit, making it a play on the meaning of the word 'animate'.